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Headmaster’s Welcome

Five secrets formulate the essence that ensures success at SACS Junior School:

History – Steeped in time, space and pride as South Africa’s oldest school of 184 years, SACS achieves a dualism that welds the traditional, ‘back to basics’ philosophy with a progressive initiative to lead at the cutting edge of modern education.

Holistic Education – Our main objective thrusts towards ‘Learning for Life’. A wide range of opportunities is offered across the Academic Curriculum and Extra Mural Programme respectively.

Maintaining the Balance – Sport, Academics, Culture and Social – an acronym forming ‘SACS’ – comprise four cornerstones upon which our Whole School Programme is founded.

The Family Ethic – SACS depends wholeheartedly on the generous, volunteering spirit of our parents and staff whose teamwork is simply amazing!

Proudly South African – SACS continues to strive towards her goal of growing diversity within South African society.

Our ‘open-door’ policy encourages you warmly to step into SACS – a unique way of life!

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Bulletin Board: Grade 1 Orientation Day

Yes! That day – however many years ago – when you and your son/s first crossed the timeless threshold of SACS on your journey to where you are today. On Thursday, 29 October, we welcomed our ‘Grade One Class of 2016’ to ‘The SACS Family’ and what a fine bunch they are! However, there was not so much abstemious demeanour with adherence to the SACS Conduct and Uniform Code as they were VERY excited! Some were also rather woolly in their interpretation of hairstyle – and that was just the boys! We welcomed them and their parents to the SACS fold and celebrated various facets that represent us in our 186th year, viz:

  • Opportunities for goal setting and learning posed by our annual Focus Poster.
  • Immersion in the ‘Four Pillars’ of SACS Junior – Social, Academics, Culture and Sport.
  • The significance of ‘Sunrise at SACS’ and the promise of a fulfilling day ahead.
  • ‘The Seasons’ and the way in which each boy is unique and develops at his own speed.
  • Our initiative to metamorphose into a ‘Thinking School’ following best practice at the cutting edge of education while retaining meaningful traditions.
  • ‘The Rainbow’ as a symbol of hope and cross culture for South Africa.
  • Mind-blowing facilities and curriculum provided for by families and teachers past and present – whose generosity and altruism leave a legacy for boys from all walks of life.
  • The goal to ‘grow independent boys’ appropriately on their path to manhood.
  • To explore ‘Spectemur Agendo’ and the ‘Carpe Diem’ motif as we live in the moment!

And so, we move onwards and upwards into the last five weeks of Term Four – confident in the knowledge that future generations of our School will continue to reach for the stars!