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Headmaster’s Welcome

Five secrets formulate the essence that ensures success at SACS Junior School:

History – Steeped in time, space and pride as South Africa’s oldest school of 184 years, SACS achieves a dualism that welds the traditional, ‘back to basics’ philosophy with a progressive initiative to lead at the cutting edge of modern education.

Holistic Education – Our main objective thrusts towards ‘Learning for Life’. A wide range of opportunities is offered across the Academic Curriculum and Extra Mural Programme respectively.

Maintaining the Balance – Sport, Academics, Culture and Social – an acronym forming ‘SACS’ – comprise four cornerstones upon which our Whole School Programme is founded.

The Family Ethic – SACS depends wholeheartedly on the generous, volunteering spirit of our parents and staff whose teamwork is simply amazing!

Proudly South African – SACS continues to strive towards her goal of growing diversity within South African society.

Our ‘open-door’ policy encourages you warmly to step into SACS – a unique way of life!

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Bulletin Board: Thinking Schools

We are in our third year of embracing and pollinating the ‘Thinking Schools’ philosophy into SACS Junior School. The concept was born in the United Kingdom and is rapidly spreading as a mode of best practice in modern education. This progressive approach aligns itself with forward thinking schools who aim to empower pupils, teachers, parents and other stakeholders in their capacity to learn effectively and optimally. We initiated the drive with the sixteen ‘Habits of Mind’ over the past two years. We trust that these very versatile tools of life and learning have been of assistance already as we continue to embed them into our daily lives.

The second initiative was launched on Tuesday when Mrs Sally James, our Thinking Schools Co-ordinator, set up a Staff Development Workshop. Sally showed us that she had hit the ground running as she set up and facilitated her ‘maiden voyage’ activity for the School on the second day of term. She introduced us to Mrs Katie Mthwetwa, pioneer and trainer from Thinking Schools South Africa (TSSA) who presented a course in ‘Thinking Maps’. Katie is a vibey, creative and talented teacher and specialist in her field who enthused the staff as we engaged with this innovative concept. There will be more about ‘Thinking Maps’ and, as with ‘Habits of Mind’, we trust that all will infuse the learning as we progress, searching for better ways of learning during our ‘Questions Quest’! Congratulations, Sally and Katie! Your have opened our eyes!