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Headmaster’s Welcome

Five secrets formulate the essence that ensures success at SACS Junior School:

History – Steeped in time, space and pride as South Africa’s oldest school of 184 years, SACS achieves a dualism that welds the traditional, ‘back to basics’ philosophy with a progressive initiative to lead at the cutting edge of modern education.

Holistic Education – Our main objective thrusts towards ‘Learning for Life’. A wide range of opportunities is offered across the Academic Curriculum and Extra Mural Programme respectively.

Maintaining the Balance – Sport, Academics, Culture and Social – an acronym forming ‘SACS’ – comprise four cornerstones upon which our Whole School Programme is founded.

The Family Ethic – SACS depends wholeheartedly on the generous, volunteering spirit of our parents and staff whose teamwork is simply amazing!

Proudly South African – SACS continues to strive towards her goal of growing diversity within South African society.

Our ‘open-door’ policy encourages you warmly to step into SACS – a unique way of life!

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Bulletin Board

Human Rights at SACS

With the recognition of Human Rights Day on 21 March, one of our SRC members, James Granelli read the following to our boys and staff at Assembly on Monday:

‘We will be celebrating a very important public holiday this Friday. For those who can remember, the day is called Human Rights Day. It is the day which has been set aside for all South Africans to celebrate their human rights. But what exactly are Human Rights and why should we be aware of them? As Mrs Ince constantly reminds us in Life Orientation, Human Rights are the rights that everyone on our planet has, simply because they are human beings. They are the rights we all have from the moment we are born. We do not have to earn them and they cannot easily be taken away from us. If you want to find out what sort of rights you enjoy, check out the Bill of Rights – especially the items relating to children.’

‘Human Rights at SACS’ is a theme that we embrace by aligning ourselves with the Mission Statement that binds our whole School and the SACS Community.

To put these words into action, we want each boy, at a level appropriate to his age, to understand the difference between his rights and his responsibilities. The discussion around personal happiness and security is a good point of departure. Each boy has the right to feel happy and secure. But, at the same time, each boy has the responsibility to ensure that all boys around him feel happy and secure. If this energy can flow throughout our entire society, then mutual respect would drive out unhappiness and insecurity. The issue that we tackle is the global phenomenon of Bullying, present in most sectors of society, particularly with the realms of Social Media. The tool that we use to squash bullying at our School is our principle of Zero Tolerance to Bullying – a stance that is depicted in the posters below. These have been displayed regularly by Mr Botha, our Head of the SACS Education Support Unit. We constantly remind our boys to safeguard their security and the security of their peers by simply following the steps that these posters show us. We want to help and support the victim. We also want to assist the perpetrator who is most likely calling out for help through his actions. We must break the culture of silence by allowing our boys to feel that they can approach a trusted staff member or friend who will assist in starting to solve the problem. Thus, we strive to have happy, secure boys at SACS in a landscape where we want life to be as it should be … happy and secure. Cradled by a strong flow of mutual respect amongst children and adults at all times.

Hearts and Minds

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