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Winter Uniform

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

As you are aware, with the current water crisis, SACS Junior, allows the boys to wear one set of clothes for the day. Hopefully, this will reduce the laundry load! Therefore, if your son is due to play, e.g. Rugby or Hockey, he may come to school dressed for that activity. Similarly, if the boys have Phys Ed on the day, they should come to school dressed in their Phys Ed kit. Please note that it is a requirement that the boys wear predominantly white ‘takkies’ to school when donning their sports kit. The School Winter uniform is to be worn on non-sport days, please. We remind you that: If a School jersey is worn in public, the blazer must be worn as well. In class, wearing of jerseys without blazers is permitted. The SACS rain jacket does not replace the blazer. Rain jackets may be worn over the blazer or in conjunction with sports uniforms on cold or rainy days. Rain jackets are not designed to ‘breathe’ effectively, thus being unsuitable for wearing indoors. SACS tracksuit bottoms may be worn with the School uniform, but only within the School building. Tracksuit tops must not be combined with the School uniform. Beanies are not permitted. Should school shoes need repair or have been mislaid, a letter of explanation must be sent to the class teacher. Uniform affords respect, branding and positive identification in the public eye, let us take pride in our appearance.

Recycling Alert!

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Our Support Staff spend a great deal of time sorting out and tidying the Recycling Depot, so we have decided to streamline our recycling procedures. The Depot will now be open to parents on Tuesdays only. This ties in with our current glass recycling day. We are only able to accept glass, cans, paper and plastic. Please note that some companies’ plastics are not recyclable, so please only send in plastic that has the Recycling logo on it. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN GENERAL HOUSEHOLD WASTE (electronics, broken toys, for example) or anything that will contaminate the other the materials (food packaging, paint, acid and so on). All containers must be washed, please. Thank you very much for your support and for your worthy contribution to caring for Planet Earth

Sport Support Letter

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

‘Loud and Proud!’…

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

…was one of the catch phrases in last Monday’s Assembly. The message centred around healthy rivalry, sportsmanship and exemplary supporter behaviour. The atmosphere of Inter House ‘Gees’ from the first weeks of Term One remains a useful reference point. Here, we are reminded that:

  • It is vital to be proud of your School, your House, team, class, your peers and yourself.
  • It is good to cheer them all on loudly in an appropriate, constructive manner.
  • It is very important to greet and celebrate our hosts or guests from all rival schools or clubs.
  • In victory, we are humble. In defeat, we are brave.

We admire good sportsmanship. As we cross into the Winter Sports Programme – where mass participation sports such as Cross Country, Hockey and Rugby draw great numbers of supporters at home and away – we remind all children, parents, coaches and teachers to subscribe to this ethos at all times! May we persist, manage impulsivity, use metacognition and show our interdependence. ‘Spread the name’! ‘Swell the fame of the S.A.C.’!

Thinking Schools

Friday, March 17th, 2017

Thursday 16 March saw the hosting of the National Thinking Schools South Africa Roadshow titled ‘Passion for Learning’. Sixty delegates attended and were exposed to guest presenters, Prof Tim Noakes of Sports Science fame, followed by well-known Sports Coach, Mr Dali Ndebele. Mrs Jane McIntyre, CEO of TSSA lead us through this series of presentations and workshops which included a demonstration utilising the services of the SACS High First XV. These events drew reference from commonalities found between critical thinking in the classroom as well as in the coaching of sport.

Look out for our handsome, new SACS Holistic Teaching logo mounted on the wall at the exit gate to Dean Street. What a fantastic representation of this progressive model in education embraced by our seven ‘SACS Family Values.