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SGB Elections

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

2018 marks the end of another three-year term of office for State School Governing Bodies. SACS Junior and High will hold their elections on 13 March at different times in the evening. Junior School parents who are interested in finding out more about the voluntary nature and demands of serving on an SGB may meet members of our current SGB for an informal Q&A session at 07:15 next Wednesday 8 March at the Junior School in the Auditorium. We offer thanks to our present SGB who have been outstanding, exemplary proponents of servant leadership in the interests of the Junior School as well as all SACS stakeholders.

Water wise measures

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Recently, meetings of various School Principals and Sports Heads were held, backed by advice from experts in Education. A letter penned by a Headmaster on the schools’ behalf was circulated amongst our local community. The document has been adapted to suit the needs of SACS Junior. ‘We note that the predicted date when Cape Town will run out of water has been pushed out to June 4. This deadline is to be taken seriously. In the face of the rising concerns over water management and conservation – as well as the civic duty of every Capetonian to participate in water saving – we have reached the following resolutions: – A severely-curtailed and tightly-managed Summer Sports Programme will continue.

– We will use only those facilities fit to play on and which can be justifiably used without placing stress on surfaces.

– Water irrigation using ground water only and following Level 6B Restrictions will be adhered to strictly at the times stated.

– Festivals that draw visitors from out of town have been cancelled. This involves mostly High Schools, eg, Wynberg Rugby, Hockey and Soccer Festivals, the Nomads Hockey Festival and the Rondebosch U16 Hockey Festival.

– Regarding the Water Polo schedule, several school pools have been, or will be, shut down for use with the view to playing a reduced programme at centralised venues shared by preparatory and high schools. These pools will be recharged minimally using only treated borehole water. Match times and chukkas may also be reduced.

– Other than pre-planned visiting teams, home Cricket fixtures will be played between schools who are in a position to participate. Matches may be reduced to a more-limited game format.

– Sports practices will be cut back to fewer instances on the actual field of play i.e. in Cricket, net and field practices will be alternated; in Water Polo, land-based practices and sessions in the water will be co-ordinated.

– The continuation of the Sports Programme will be reviewed on a weekly basis and will be terminated immediately, pending instruction from the WCED.

All of our schools are engaged in a serious and ongoing programme of education about water usage and its implications to our boys and community at large. Our schools are playing a significant and measurable part in watersaving measures, some to the extent that we no longer draw on the dams and are, to all intents and purposes, off the ‘grid’. Others have implemented a disciplined water-saving regime including buckets of grey water for flushing and hand sanitisers for washing. We believe that, in implementing the measures above, we will be able to meet our civic responsibility to save water and keep Day Zero at bay. Should we reach a point of crisis, those schools with boreholes are investigating ways in which we share this water with places in need like old-age homes in the area and, if practicable, with schools that don’t have boreholes. The situation will be constantly monitored and evaluated and, should further measures be required, they will be taken. We will communicate regarding Winter Sport at a later date.

Summer Extramural Time Table and Uniform Requirements

Sunday, January 28th, 2018
Term 1 - 2018 Summer incl. uniform requirements

Being fully Water Wise!

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Growing a water-wise ethic begins in the home, so we ask all members of the SACS Family to be scrupulous agents and role models in saving water. We are busy putting even more stringent measures in place, so that our School knows the true understanding of just how dire the situation is. Measures are being communicated in the classroom, at Assemblies and via notices to families. These will be adapted as the situation changes.

Please take note:

 At no time must health and safety be compromised by the risk of infection. No one will be denied water to drink or be denied access to ablutions.

 We urge boys to bring their own drinking water (in reusable bottles) to school, please.

 We are following the Level Six Restrictions put in place by the Cape Town Municipality and we shall use our borehole water, where permissible, to maintain aspects of the Estate at the bare minimum.

 The majority of taps and urinals in the bathrooms will be shut down.

 We encourage flushing only when totally necessary. Cleaning Staff will conduct the flushing in all bathrooms at start of class, at the end of breaks and end of the school day. Grey/Borehole water will be used where possible.

 Hand sanitiser units are being fitted in all bathrooms.

 Taps must not run during hand washing and brushing teeth.

 ‘SACS Water Wise’ posters will be displayed in each classroom and throughout the School.

 A back-up five-litre bottle of clean, drinking water will be stored in each classroom.

 Wastage of water or leaks must be reported to Senior Management.

 Treat the situation as a serious crisis, mindful that some communities already have no water.

 Wasteful habits towards use of water will have to change for good, not just during a drought.

We urge all to abide by the strict water-saving measures in place. We must save the Western Cape from sure disaster.

Drop and Fetch Zones

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Grade R boys must be dropped off in the Aquatic Centre Car Park. Access to the De Villiers House buildings is from the rear entrance. Parents can exit via Rudolph Street or re-join the flow past the Astroturf to the Dean Street exit. We recommend the first option via Rudolph Street for quicker exit from the Estate.
Grades One and Two boys must use the Dean Street Car Park drop zone. From here, the boys walk to and from their classrooms via the School’s Grade One area entrance.
When exiting the Dean Street Car Park, TURN LEFT to avoid traffic gridlocks, especially during peak times.
Grades Three, Four and Five boys must use the Aquatic Centre Car Park and make their way up to their classrooms and back via the tarred walkway on the East edge of Van Zyl Field.
Grades Six and Seven boys must use the drop zone at the upper exit gate to Dean Street, making their way to and from their classrooms via the stairways provided.
Grades Four to Seven parents not wishing to drive onto the Estate have the option to drop or collect their sons in Rudolph Street. Boys must walk along the pavement towards the pedestrian gate at the Aquatic Centre exit, access the walkway and get to class and back along that route.
Should there be siblings in your family, it is in order to utilise your youngest son’s drop-fetch zone for all of your boys.
Under no circumstances may any boy be dropped off or fetched in Dean Street, which is a dangerous zone.