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Information Technology

SACS offers Information Technology facilities which enables our learners and staff to maximise their learning experience through the incorporation of ICT into the curriculum encouraging an “@ctivated classroom” environment. Learners and teachers have access to a range of hardware: from desktop and laptop computers, digital cameras, scanners, printers, interactive whiteboards, SmartBoards, data projectors and iPads. There are two computer laboratories for work, research and structured Information Technology lessons.

Students and staff are members of the G-Suite for education. Students are also tutored in the use of the Microsoft Office Suite of programmes, basic programming and collaboration within various Internet based activities.

Foundation Phase benefit from educational software based activities to re-inforce classroom learning through the use of iPads.  In the early learning years, programming is being introduced using the friendly Bee Bot method.

Our Wide Area Network includes the entire SACS campus which is Wifi enabled and we are linked to the Internet via a permanent fibre connection.