1. Physical Address:
    2. Dean Street
    3. Newlands
    4. Cape Town
    5. 7700
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    7. SACS Junior School
    8. Private Bag X3
    9. Newlands
    10. 7725
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    13. Secretary:
    14. 021 689 4001
    15. 021 685 7028 (fax)
    16. Bursar:
    17. 021 686 6027
    18. JE De Villiers House:
    19. 021 689 8779
    20. SACS Pre-Primary:
    21. 021 685 3865

Boarding House

The JE De Villiers House Boarding Establishment re-opened its doors to SACS Junior boarders in January 2010. The Boarding House offers its boarders an excellent opportunity to learn valuable life skills within a structured and organized environment.  The Boarding House aims to create an atmosphere of trust, respect, tolerance and co-operation. Boarders are encouraged to embrace these values as they seek to become independent and to build friendships for life.

Activities are always fun and supervised ‘prep’ sessions help the boys to take greater control over their studies. Those boys who have spent time at the House agree that the challenging adventure helped to improve their levels of self-discipline and personal responsibility.

General points to note: Boarders are required to go home on weekends. In selecting applicants, preference is given to the Grade 7s. The running of the Boarding House is in the care of the Housemaster and his Assistant.